Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Really busy

I haven't written anything for a while..I'm really busy.
Really busy.
(Also my internet connection is not working.)
I'm trying to do a hundred Christmassy things..concerts, doll making, teacher presents, mobiles, biscuits, felt this and that, answer so many phone calls and messages...
Oh my God.. very quickly, and in the rain, and the mud.
That's why I haven't written anything, even though I have so many wonderful thoughts about life, seasons, thoughts, kids, the world....these thoughts usually only happen in the car when I have five minutes break, yes driving is now my relaxation, and I can't write anything down. Whoosh!Out of the window they go..the thoughts I mean.
Well I'll take some more pictures tomorrow, the roof is now going on between showers and kindergarten pick ups, but this is our recycled pallet wall. We spent our morning stapling old woollen blankets, and insulation up and hopefully, hopefully on Friday will have everything water tight.

So much thinking, night and day.....he's working so damned hard.


  1. I saw the photo and thought, "Are those really pallets?" Yes, they are! It will be so interesting to hear more about his house you're building - when you're done building it and Christmas is over, etc., etc.

  2. I am fascinated with the build/process you are undertaking. I think you are very brave and you both must have masses of energy to see something like this through. I am really looking forward to seeing the photos, although I dont know if I should show my husband it may give him ideas and it took him 2 weeks to build the garden shed! lol


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