Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sunny Days and washing days

It really is spring. I really did pick a big bunch of deep purple, velvety violets on my walk to town yesterday, a pair of thrushes really are busily nesting in the crook of the ash tree outside the toilet window, and today we managed our bedtime chapter of Little House on the Prairie without having to light the lamps!

Tansy has become my chief mangler...using our newly borrowed hand wringer, kindly lent by a friend. At home ill today, she insisted, quite firmly, on working her way through an entire load of laundry by herself, panting ferociously as she turned the handle of our lovely 1950's  mangle.

I have to admit, it is really satisfying to use and produces results easily as impressive as the normal spin cycle of a washing machine. Even Freddie commented, 'it really works' when he put some of his laundry through yesterday. It's Tansy and Leo's favourite new activity, and I haven't had much chance to use it myself to be honest, they usually bustle outside, with buckets to catch the water, a dry bucket for the wrung clothes and elbow me out of the way. It's the same with the washboard, effective and fun and I usually end up doing something else while they take over...

I've never had so much help with the laundry! I have to admit, I do sneak off to the laundrette once every couple of weeks if I have a bulk load of sheets and towels to wash, but with warm spring days and the mangle, even these little clandestine outings may become a thing of the past. My laundry pile has shrunk dramatically since I started hand washing again, we air, spot wash and just get a bit dirtier before resorting to a full wash. The energy going into the job is more tangible, our muscles do the work, not electricity from some remote power station.
Yes there are usually a couple of buckets soaking in the corner but that's ok.....I feel as if I am in control of the washpile which was definitely  not the case when we had a machine. There was some sort of malevolant laundry breeding troll who lurked in the dirty clothes basket at night, and I'm glad to see the back of him. No longer do I throw things in to 'make up a load'. Kids get firmly told if their clothes are too clean to wash, everyone's getting the message. I also thinned out all our clothes before we moved here and things are so much simpler and easier.

At least I didn't have any laundry on Mother's Day, this Sunday, just a lovely cup of tea in bed with my journal, and a beautiful sunny day at the beach with fun calm family.....

Love to all mothers, sending you love and appreciation, how was your day?


  1. I hope the novelty of the mangle and washboard never wears off (for your helpers, I mean). Nice photos - the bottom one of Leo is adorable!

  2. I love your photos, too! When I eventually come back, please will you help me to adapt to a more outdoor living?
    Both my grown ups remembered to ring me on mothers day... Lovely. In fact, being on the bike with so much 'stimulus' makes me grateful to come in sometimes and close the door. I would like that to change in favour of finding that stillness outside.
    Continue to think of you. Jenny x

    1. Of course Jenny it would be an honour! Yes your outside is all about action at the moment isn't it? Lots of love...

  3. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. We live in a yurt, myself, my partner and our four children, so it is fascinating to read through your blog and feel a sense of kinship! Blessings Gina x x

    1. Thankyou so much for visiting...a yurt with four children, we did that too....It's lovely to 'meet' people with similar lives....


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