Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wednesday gratitude

I know I didn't do this last week apart from in my head, I was in a bus all day, and ...well its plainly not the day for that story will have to keep.!!

This week I am grateful for ....

The sun. It was nearly warm today....

The community I live in.. as Spring rolls closer, I am coming out of my winter hibernation....planting trees, chasing chickens, dropping by for cups of tea. We live in such beautiful land and

New painting and printing exciting

Snowdrops and crocuses...Tansy, Leo, Finch and I spent an hour sitting among them this morning and making felt flower fairies in the sun.

My crawling baby.....

More beautiful photographs from my talented son.....

Being tired.....well there's got to be something positive about it! makes me whittle down to the basics.....and yes go to bed a bit earlier!

That's now..night night!!

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