Friday, 3 February 2012

Seven white doves

There was a beautiful moment yesterday. In the middle of my third day clearing and cleaning the house where we have spent the last couple of months, and feeling thoroughly disheartened by the amount of dirt and stuff to deal with, I heard the thud of a package on the doormat. Expecting it to be for the new tenant moving in, whose mail has already started to arrive, I trudged gloomily out to the hall to retrieve it, cleaning rag in hand. It was a package from the US for me! A beautiful packet all wrapped in tissue paper and little hearts, containing seven white paper doves.

A while ago, I admired a little bird mobile over at We Bloom Here and mentioned how I would love to make one, but didn't have time as I was moving house, and the lovely M. Bloom offered to send me one. In the course of messaging her, I told her that we had released seven white doves at Lily's funeral, one for every year of her life. And so there in the middle of my dismal morning, surrounded by mops and dust, out tumbled a dove mobile and lifted my day. Sprinkled with tears it was admired and hung up in OUR NEW HOME yesterday evening. A truely magical moment. Thankyou so much to such a lovely woman so far away.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, we have now moved into our very own cabin in the woods, it's warm, tranquil, cosy and such a sanctuary...more next time!


  1. So pleased to read that you've finally moved in and that the package of doves arrived just at the right time.

    Blessings to you
    San x

  2. That is a remarkably beautiful little story. I find it amazing that mail is being delivered to your door in the middle of the woods at a house that didn't exist. You live in a very civilized country. New houses in Canada do not get to-the-door mail delivery, even in the densely populated burbs. Most people have to drive (since their legs stopped working long ago, it seems) to their mailboxes and if a dove package arrived, one would have to take the card out of the box and drive to the nearest post office (ours is 15 km away). Takes the magic right out of it.

    And you have a tenant? Where on earth are you putting this tenant? You're place looks a bit cozy for such an enterprise.

  3. No, of course, the tenant is moving into the house you are leaving and the mail arrived there, not at your new place. I read that first sentence in speed-read mode.


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