Tuesday 13 August 2013

It's complicated

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.How many siblings have my kids got? Let's start with my eldest.  He has four from me and four from his dad's subsequent relationship.. If you count Lily. And why wouldn't you count her? Well if you're fourteen and someone asks how many brothers and sisters you have, you might not want to bring up your dead sister right away, or maybe not even the ones that you don't live with....I don't know. But I can guess he doesn't say eight very often. Eight. Hmm. Split families, bereaved families, families with multiple children, how did it all happen?

I'm one of one so this is all new territory to me, brothers and sisters; like an exotic fruit; tantalising, juicy and apparently delicious but just out of reach.Unskilled in fighting, sharing and manilpulating parental favour;

I was dropped into the tumult of sibling jealousy and love that are so exquisitely intermingled they hardly seemed to know which they were or when. 
'I won't throw Lily into the nettles down by the river, she's too beautiful, ' for example. From a  three year old contemplating his newborn sister....

The ferocity of feelings between the kids can unsettle me and send me hurtling to the apex of the whirlwind, shouting, 'No! no!' like a banshee,  or, 'Its fine, it's fine, let's go do some baking', in high pitched, strung out, 
Lets- Placate-Everyone-Right-Now tones.
My partner meanwhile, eldest of five, hasn't even looked up. 'Just leave them, they'll sort it out', he might murmur.
'But they're killing each other!'
'It'll pass!'

When I was a child, everything was sedate, ordered, quiet...ok pretty dull if the truth be known!!! Predictable and unchanging; and I read alot of books.  Mainly about big, noisy rambunctious families charging around doing exotic, alien things like stealing each others toys and fighting over the last slice of cake. It sounded so exciting, so unreachable, so desirable.

So I decided to have my own big noisy rambunctious family. Four, always four. But complicated things like relationship break-ups happen, and before I knew it I had my four kids but by two dads, although the spacing between broods was close enough to make a cohesive family. 

Each permutation of child pairings had a different dynamics. And these dynamics flowed and changed with time. And just as I find the fighting almost unbearable to watch, so I find the moments of tenderness and true affection almost unbelievable too. 'But they really love each other!!'

And then Lily died and everyone has an angel for a sister. No one quite knows how to do without her but they have no choice.
But it doesn't mean their relationship with her has died. All her siblings still love her, even the ones who have never met her on earth. Since little Finch was born three weeks ago, we often say that Lily probably played a part in him deciding to join our family. And although it breaks my heart that  I will never see Finch and Lily together on earth, I know they had a great time together before he was born.....

A white feather always connects the kids to their big sister, floating to the ground in front of them, 'Lily is preening her wings,' they say. 
We talk about her, remember things she said, notice traits in the younger ones which remind us of Lily. And all the children have times when they just sigh and wish she was here again.

Truthfully, Tansy and Leo probably have no real memory of her, they were so young, but the presence of their lost sibling is so powerful and graceful that they can never forget her.
A sister is always a sister, wherever they are.
And five kids are five kids, wherever they are, I didn't plan to have part of my family in heaven, but the relationship between them all will flow and change and grow as they change and grow.
This is their life, and death is part of it, as it is for everyone.
Freddie, Lily, Tansy, Leo and Finch.
Who love each other.

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  1. What beautiful ways to remember their sister. And I have always wanted a big raucous family, too. I'm not sure how that will happen, but I'm holding out hope!

    1. Thanks Dionna, and good luck, you never know what's around the corner....

  2. What a beautiful post. I'm glad your kids are keeping the memory of Lily alive and that they have so many connections on earth as well. It must be a change to go from a small family to a large one — my grandmother did the same thing, was an only who had five kids of her own. Thank you for your post!

    1. Thanks, nice to know your Grandmother did the same..maybe its quite common!

  3. So lovely! And a perfectly sized family... no matter how it came about!

    1. Thankyou Laura...yes it doesn't really matter how it happened does it?

  4. I completely understand what you mean about not knowing what to respond with when people ask how many siblings you have. In my family, I technically have 6 siblings. 1 full brother, 2 step-brothers, 2 step-sisters, and 1 half-sister that I've never met. I don't think people want that kind of answer when they ask such a simple question though. I learned that pretty quickly growing up. Some of my friends still don't know all the aspects of my blended family and are surprised when they learn new facts about me. All sorts of families are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It can be so complicated can't it, its interesting to hear of your experience as an adult that it's still a challenge to disclose full details of your family!

  5. Truly beautiful post! I have always wanted a big family, too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thankyou Kellie, ..big families are great!!

  6. How beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss. And yes, what does a child do with the knowledge of an angel sibling? I have a friend who was born after her mother had a stillborn baby, and I think she feels that presence as part of her upbringing, somehow. If asked, she only counts her living siblings, but she holds her departed one in her heart.

    1. Thankyou. YEs its very hard...even for me sometimes too, I think the younger kids find it easier and often mention their sister to their friends.

  7. What a beautiful post. It is wonderful how all your children have a memory of Lily because you are keeping them alive for them. My mother in law had an older sister who died aged two, she felt her father never got over it but nobody ever talked about it which was probably why. She felt she lived her life in her shadow not in a positive way. If only she had been part of your family :)

    1. Thankyou that's really kind. Yes I know several people who have experienced a similar loss in childhood but never had the chance to speak about it. The effects can be really long lasting. Sometimes its hard to deal with the pain of being upset together but it feels like a healing experience...

  8. Such a beautiful and honest portrayal of family life and loss.

    San x

  9. Love you from too far away these days, dear Hen! Give Finch a hug from me and send me an address somehow!

  10. Since my uncle died we have a lot of feathers floating down to us too, completely out of the sky no birds to be seen anywhere. or we find e are sitting or walking somewhere and a feather will be in some special place, right there, for us to find. He had a bird spirit too. It's comforting to feel that connection, and the name Finch so beautiful. I'm truly happy for you to have another soul with you, I'm sure he and Lily know one another very well. She will be with you always xxx

  11. Strange how our childhood scenarios can make us yearn for the opposite of what we grew up with. While you were dreaming of the excitement of a large family with loads of siblings, I with two siblings but also dozens of cousins in an extended family that seemed to spend all it's time together - family gatherings were weekly, nightly and holidays could mean up to 100 people crammed into one house and the problem was always finding tables sturdy and enormous enough to withstand the weight of all that food - Amid the crowds and the din I craved peace and quiet and solitude like nothing else. If you'd have asked me what I wanted, more than anything, it was an end to the noise, the fighting, the endless teasing and being picked on (honestly, I experienced it as torment); I would have said, "I just want to be left alone" . . . which may well be why as an adult I can scarcely get enough of being alone . As a child I didn't know any only children but I knew they existed and I envied the life I imagined them to have.


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