Wednesday 23 April 2014

Blog giveaway today...!

I've really appreciated all your comments, support and presence here, its made every post worth writing, knowing you're there.
As a thank you, I'm offering a little giveaway on my new blog over here.

I'd love you to come with me as I journey on, writing, discovering painting, growing, it's amazing to have you on board.
See you there!!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

I'm now somewhere move....

Hello, and don't leave, I've just hopped over to wordpress, come over and follow me here 
Just a warning, that as part of the move I've had to manually republish all of my archives, and some  have rather strangely republished themselves out of date order. So occasionally an unseasonal winter post from two years ago may pop up, sorry.
If anyone has any remedy to this...let me the meantime...see you over there, I'm having a little giveaway within the next week to celebrate the move.....
See you there!