Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wednesday Gratitude

This week, I am grateful for,

Doing my back in...(really) and spending a day and a half in bed with Finch.  Although in severe discomfort it helped me gain perspective on my harried, goal orientated life...and remember how it is to sit...or lie still. I have felt calmer and more focussed since my time in bed and can manage to walk now and actually be in the moment of walking....rather than planning next weeks menu or the next article or painting in my head.

Having my article White Feathers published on my friend Kate's take a look.

A lovely home ed morning in bed, painting and making animal finger puppets for learning French.

Bread made with Khorosan.kamut from the oven with dripping butter its irresistable....!

My very wonderful mother's group which I mentioned in my previous post. We met and cried and laughed and connected in a beautiful hand built round house. Supportive and nurturing.

My  first painting out in the a lovely brand new online magazine.... here

My partner Hugh for bringing me breakfast in bed when I was ill..the ultimate luxury...and taking Finch away so I could eat alone....and giving me a much needed back massage..

And you? What are you grateful for this week?


  1. i am grateful for my beautiful card sent to me by an inspiring artist with get well soon energy and love in it xxx

  2. Thanks lovely to you for a speedy recovery.......


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