Wednesday 12 March 2014

Wednesday Gratitude`

Yes I know its Thursday, but I couldn't yesterday and that is fine.
So today on Thursday I am grateful for:

The Spring and all its decadent, delicate finery and frippery, flirting frilly daffodils, primroses, declining snowdrops and the beginnings of pink frothy blossom. So Joyful.

The City. Tansy and I went to Plymouth to shop.... This is something I never do....away from my hippyville rural was fun.

My new pastels. Result of my trip to Plymouth

Talking with women...they just get it.

First meeting of the herb group in the community I live in....exciting discussions and planting plans.

Home ed trip to a beautiful and inspiring art exhibition.....left filled with notes and ideas for me and them!

Finch's new sleeping pattern ..more evening time.....

Bed water bottles, books, a pen, herb tea ...sleep... bliss...

What are you grateful for this week?

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