Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wednesday gratitude

This week I am grateful for....

Nettle risotto, the first of the year, with fresh nettles and wild delicious.

Planting seeds, basil, lettuce, hyssop, dill, echinacea...... the promise of healing to come.

Finch in the polytunnels, playing for the first time instead of tucked up in the sling.

Air drying clay and our coil pots, my first in about thirty years......

Heart sharing, and listening, being heard...

Bare feet outside, I'd forgotten.

Spring flowers and the sunshine....   and hawthorn leaves. Lily used to refuse cabbage and spinach but munch happily on wild greens every Spring.

The lengthening and brightening days start to awaken connection, feeling, sharing, crying; after the months of hibernation I always feel newly peeled in Spring, slightly raw and exposed, less grey, feeling more intensely, joy and grief in equal measure.

Starting a new writing important one....

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. I am grateful for twisting my ankle out on a walk and therefore being on enforced 'rest' ... and the old typewriter I picked up in the charity shop before I fell, which I can now spend time writing stories on without feeling guilty! Spring is such a glorious time of year... I wish you were here though to help me with my own forays into picking leaves etc :-)


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